I had been thinking about starting a blog for years. However, I never had ‘enough time’ to maintain a proper blog. Finally, I realized that I will never have ‘enough time’ to blog, so if I am going to blog, I have to do it now, when I don’t have ‘enough time’.

I think, on a deep level, I always knew I was asexual. Yet, on a surface, intellectual level, I identified as heterosexual. I knew that my experiences were very different from the experiences of other heterosexuals (such as that whole being-sexually-attracted-to-other-people thing) but I was okay with that.

When I heard of asexuality for the first time at the age of 18, I considered it. Then I dismissed the idea that I was asexual because, at the time, I thought that if you displayed anything feature associated with sexuality, you were not asexual.

Some time later, though, I discovered asexual blogs. And as I read about other asexuals’ experiences, I realized that my own experiences had a lot more in common with their stories than the stories of my heterosexual peers. That is when I first started identifying as asexual.

I plan to blog about various topics here, and I suspect that in the long run less than 50% of the posts will directly pertain to asexuality. However, since I found asexual blogs so helpful, I decided it is time to return the favor, and perhaps people might find my other experiences and thoughts helpful, or at least interesting.

I eventually settled on the title ‘The Notes Which Do Not Fit’ because I have many thoughts which I wish to express, both about asexuality and other topics, but for which I do not feel I have a forum in which I can express them. Thus, this place will be the home of my ‘notes’ which do not ‘fit’ elsewhere.

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