Exploring “The Zone”: Part 1

I often find myself in “The Zone”. In The Zone, I am so full of energy that I cannot stay still – I must move. Sometimes I skip and jump. Sometimes I turn and toss. Sometimes I clap my hands and tap my feet. Sometimes I pace and pace. It is not just my flesh that has to move – my thoughts also race. My muscles to keep my brain thinking, and my brain thinks to keep my muscles moving.

However, I lose some control in the zone. I am less aware of my surroundings. I am less aware of other people (and social rules). Even though I think very quickly in The Zone, I cannot direct my thoughts nearly as well as when I am calm. Thus, while The Zone is great for random insights, it is not good for careful thought on a specific topic.

When people see me while I am in The Zone, they often remark “You look really happy”. Indeed, The Zone is one of the most important pleasures in my life, and I am certainly excited. It brings immediate glee. It does not bring deep contentment. It’s not the same as being happy to the bottom of my heart.

Over the years, I have had to learn how to manage The Zone for my physical safety (crossing the street while in The Zone is a bad idea) as well as to maintain proper social relations (I do not let myself get into The Zone at work, for example), and to get enough sleep (getting into The Zone late at night can induce insomnia). I have found the best way to manage the Zone is to let myself get into it at appropriate times and places. For example, getting into The Zone at home is not so safe, considering that I can easily get injured – it’s much better to be in a open space, like a field, where there are not many things I can bump into. If I do get into The Zone at home or other closed space, I have to divert the energy to activities like clapping, which is relatively safer. And I have to make sure I get adequate exercise, because if my muscles get tired, I cannot get into The Zone, whereas if my muscles are peppy, it can be difficult to prevent myself from slipping into The Zone

So what do I think about in the Zone? And why am I tagging this post with ‘asexuality’? Read ‘Part 2’ to get the answers.


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