Exploring “The Zone”: Part 2

Continued from Part 1.

I often think about fiction. Particularly melodramas. Particularly moments when passions reach their zenith. When I rate how much I love a work of fiction, I often base it on how much it can get me into The Zone, and how much it can keep me in The Zone. Though I mostly use stories made by other people, I also sometimes make up my own stories. They generally are not good stories, because they are made to keep The Zone going, not to be told.

I think about the reality too – in The Zone, the lines between fiction and reality get quite blurry. Indeed, often in The Zone, I often cast my own life as if I were a fictional character. Most of the ideas about what to write for this blog come from The Zone. Indeed, I am experimenting with this blog as a management mechanism – perhaps by formally recording my thoughts, I will have a little more control over The Zone. It’s too early to tell if this is working.

Why did I use the ‘asexuality’ tag on this post?

I am an extreme teetotaler. I not only not drink alcohol (I have never been drunk), I have only two cups of coffee in my lifetime (both decaf) and one – ONE – coke (also decaf – it exists). Until last year, I never drank tea – and even now, I usually drink teas (such as green tea) with lower caffeine content. I have friends who say they would be scared if I ever had a caffeine high. My interest in recreational drugs in general is very low.

I think it is because of The Zone.

I suspect the effect The Zone has on me is like the effect of many recreational drugs. Many recreational drugs manipulate endorphins. Exercise also triggers endorphins. And someone once asked, sincerely, when I was in The Zone, if I was on drugs. Moving my muscles keeps endorphins pumping, and the endorphins keep my thoughts racing, and my thoughts keep my muscles moving – this cycle keeps going until I reach my muscles limit. And I think I am addicted to The Zone. Because I have The Zone, I feel no need for drugs. Indeed, I am worried that recreational drugs could mess up my biochemistry in such a way that I lose The Zone.

Is The Zone tied to my asexuality?

While I almost certain that The Zone is tied to my endorphins, I suspect it is also tied to my hormones. I started getting into The Zone around puberty. And I know that my thyroid is a little irregular, which could cause my blood to have an unusual hormone cocktail. Which might also be why I am asexual. I don’t think The Zone is a replacement for sex drive or sexual attraction … but The Zone might have the same cause as my very low sex drive and level of sexual attraction.


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