I Want This Study Done on Asexuals!

I recently read about a study done on women and men about how they perceive men and women’s bodies differently.

How Our Brains See Men as People and Women as Body Parts: Both Genders Process Images of Men, Women Differently

First of all, I am curious how I would score on this study. I’m the kind of person who can’t remember the color of people’s eyes (regardless of gender), so I suspect I look at everybody globally. Well, that’s not true … I probably look at visibly gender-queer in a local way. Whatever my rational thinking says about genderqueer people, I did grow up in a society which enforces the gender binary, so whenever I encounter somebody who is obviously queering that I subconsciously do break them down into parts. I would like to change this.

So you know what? I don’t just want a study which analyzes whether asexuals see women locally just like the general population. I’d like studies to be done on as many queer groups as possible. It would help explain how queer people are like straight people … or not like them. And it would help refine hypotheses about why the general population looks at women differently than how they look at men.

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