Is Sexual Frustration Like Being Cooped Up on a Rainy Day?

I don’t know the answer to that question, because the lack of sex in my life has never frustrated me.

But right now, it’s pouring rain.

And I am thinking that sucks.

Mainly because it interferes with my exercise routine.

I NEED exercise. Unless I’m so physically ill that my body can’t move, I feel a burning desire to get exercise every day. When I see articles which recommend 20-30 minutes of exercise a day … I don’t get it. If I get only an hour of exercise a day, it feels barely adequate (actually, it doesn’t feel adequate, it’s just enough to make things bearable).

And I do most of my exercise outside. I don’t do gyms. Maybe it will clear up this afternoon, or maybe I’ll be under-exercised today.

This is one reason I hope I never will need to take a 8-4 or 9-5 office/desk job. A job which involves so much sitting seems unbearable to me. I’d rather have my odd job, thanks.

Maybe I should take up more indoor-exercise, like dancing or martial arts, which I can do in my apartment even on a rainy day. I remember dancing my way through my first typhoon.

Anyway … is this how people with powerful sex drives feel when they haven’t had sex in a while? I don’t know if it’s possibly to actually answer that question, but if the answer is yes, that would help explain their behavior to me. Their genitals yearn for sex, while my gluts yearn to be stretched and contracted.

But it’s weird. Popular culture assumes that people want sex so badly that it’s hard to restrain them, while it also assumes that people hate exercise so much that they have to force themselves into it, like giving them a homework assignment. For me, it’s the other way around.

2 thoughts on “Is Sexual Frustration Like Being Cooped Up on a Rainy Day?

  1. Hmm. Mayhaps with both scenarios it’s in some ways your body craving the rush of endorphins and adrenaline and all that stuff that gets released when you do something physically strenuous? I wouldn’t know, as I hate sex and exercise both, but I at least see the benefit in exercise, haha.

    • Nowadays I suspect that cortisol (a stress hormone) may have quite a bit to do with it.

      Actually, the hormone angle is another way this craving for exercise may be something like the way people crave sex.

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