This Quiet Backwater

When I read about the constant flack that ace-spectrum people get for being open about their ace-specrumness on Tumblr or various other very public websites, I realize just how sheltered I am here on my little blog in WordPress.

When I’ve tried to discuss asexuality in very public, high traffic online spaces, I’ve gotten a taste of just how negative and ignorant netizens can be. This is one reason why this space is my primary place for sharing my thoughts on asexuality/aromanticism, and because this is my primary space, I sometimes forget just how much hostility there is online towards people who identify on the ace-spectrum.

Mind you, this is a public blog, so there aren’t any shields – it’s just that the people likely to come here are supportive or at least open-minded about asexuality.

This is one reason why I don’t do as much to publicize this blog as I could. I do want this to be public so that anyone on the internet who is interested can read this, but I do not necessarily want too much attention. I prefer having this as a quiet place to share my reflections.

But things can change. Many popular blogs started as quiet backwaters. Though this blog is still very obscure, traffic this year is much higher than last year. If this blog somehow stops being a quiet space … well, I’ll roll with it. If this blog keeps on being quiet and obscure, then it’ll be business as usual.


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2 thoughts on “This Quiet Backwater

  1. Best of luck. My own blog isn’t specifically about asexuality but because I identify as asexual and it is a fairly prominent part of my life, it inevitably touches upon the subject. I think certain areas are better than others when it comes to being open about one’s asexuality. I still frequent AVEN and, of course, rarely encounter any issues there. In real life I’ve encountered only a little push-back but I have a fantastic group of people around me. Online I’ve honestly not posted much about it aside from on here and on AVEN but I’ve certainly heard the stories from those who have.

  2. I think it’s helpful to have blogs which are not prominently about asexuality which touch on it (which somewhat describes this blog too, since I often discuss things not directly related to asexuality). It introduces some people to the idea of asexuality who would have never thought to put the word ‘asexuality’ in a search engine.

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