National Parks in Hokkaido Photo Week: Rishiri-Fuji

I recently traveled around Hokkaido, and wish to share the photos I took in the national parks, complete with alt-text descriptions for the visually impaired. Click on the pictures to see them at full size. Enjoy!


This is Rishiri island, part of Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park.

We see a clear blue sky above.  There is a green mountain with thin streaks of snow running down it.  The summit is in the center about 1/3 of the way down from the top of the picture.  There is a thin layer of clouds right around the summit, like a thin white gauze veil.  At the bottom, we seen a forest of trees right at the foot of the mountain.

Rishiri-Fuji Mountain, as seen from Ponyama.

We are in the shaded understory of a forest, with little patches of yellow sunlight reaching through to the green plants covering the ground. In one patch of sunlight in the center of the photo, a chipmunk is cautiously poking out its cute little head. We see its profile, with its nose facing the left of the photo.

I found this chipmunk very close to Himenuma lake.

It is a clear blue sky, with rays of sunlight heading to the upper left corner of the picture.  There is a thin line of a cloud in a diagonal running upper-left to the center of the picture.  On the upper right is the peak of the mountain, which is green with streaks of snow running from the upper-right to the lower-left.  In the bottom left, we see a closeup of some alpine shrubs.

This is Rishiri-Fuji as seen from the 8th station (climbing up the mountain).

There is a green mountain ridge sloping from the bottom-left of the picture to the center-right of the picture.  Below the mountain ridge, in the flatlands we see a green forest which meets with a lighter green fringe right at the coastline, with a small airport visible.  Beyond the coastline, there is the ocean, and we can see the thin line of Rebun island in the center-left of the photo.  There are many clouds hovering above Rebun island, but at the very top of the picture, we can see the blue sky.

Here is another shot from the 8th station, looking at the coastline between Oshidomari (largest town) and the airport, with Rebun island visible in the distance.

We see a bunch of short plants.  In the center, there is a cluster of two yellow flowers with a bit of a vase shape.  In the far upper-right corner we spy yet another little yellow flower.

An alpine flower spotted near the 8th station of Rishiri-Fuji.

To the left, the mountain rises up with the summit just out of view. In the center, there is a tall pointy rock sticking up. To the right, we see a layer of clouds blanketing the green mountain ridge below. Right below pointy rock, to the right, we also see a pocket of snow.

This is a photo taken very close to the summit of Kita-dake.

At the bottom we see the perch of volcanic rock that the photographer is standing on.  Beyond the rock is a sheer drop, and a verdant valley of sharp volcanic rocks covered with little patches of snow and lots of greenery, all about to be coated by the clouds floating in from the top of the picture.

Another shot from near the summit of Kita-dake.

We see a blue sky with some white clouds hovering below.  On the center-left, we see a small Shinto shrine at a diagonal, with the left-front corner facing us.  A guy is lying down on volcanic rock between the viewer and the shrine.  To the right of the shrine a group of people are sitting down, with one standing up, relaxing and eating lunch.

Here is the shrine at the top of Kita-dake (North Peak).

At our feet are some short shrubby plants.  A little further away are a couple of snow patches among the greenery.  Beyond that we see a mountain ridge descending down to the flat area.  To the far left we see the port town of Oshidomari, a little right of that is Himenuma lake, and then an expanse of green forest which almost reaches the coast.  Beyond the coast, at the top of the picture, we see the blue sea.

Looking at the sea from the summit.

Among the short, leafy plants, we see a very close shot of an iridescent blue/black butterfly.

A butterfly I spotted on the trail between Ponyama and Himenuma lake.

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