National Parks in Hokkaido Photo Week: Rebun Island

I recently traveled around Hokkaido, and wish to share the photos I took in the national parks, complete with alt-text descriptions for the visually impaired. Click on the pictures to see them at full size. Enjoy!


This is Rebun island, part of Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park.

We see close up at the bottom of the picture a bunch of purple and white wildflowers.  In the top half of the photo, we see a big blue bay, beyond the bay is a cape with green hills, and beyond that is a clear sky.

Looking towards Sukai Cape, on the northwestern end of the island

In the lower-left there is a yellow hill, and in the lower right there is a green slope going downwards. There is a cape curving around a blue bay like a hook.  Past the cape, there is a very small island.  Above the island, we see the sea, and a clear sky above.

A view of Sukoton Cape and the small island to the north.

This is a close-up of some bell-shaped purple wildflowers which have an inner white part and outer purple petals radiating outwards.

Wildflowers on the island of wildflowers

From the top of a 490 meter high hill, we see rolling green lower hills, which finally give way to the sea.  Beyond the sea, we see another island with a tall mountain.  Beyond that, there is the whitish-blue sky.

A view of Rishiri-Fuji from Rebun Dake, the highest point on Rebun island.

We see in the shade a delicate white flower with hints of lavender delicately hanging downwards.  There are little lavender-color hook-like things going upwards, the outer petals radiating outwards, and a white-bell-shape-thing hanging down.

Another wildflower on the island of wildflowers

We see a big open blue sky with lots of white clouds streaking along it. Below it, we see some green hills in the shade forming a valley. Closer to the viewer are some yellow hills in the sun. Closest to the viewer, at the bottom, are various bushy plants.

Along the path from Sukai Cape to Uennai

Closest to the viewer, we see a closeup of three orange lily flowers. The one in the center is open and facing skywards, while the two on the sides are closed. Further away, we see more such flowers. Beyond that, in the upper-left, is clouds, and in the upper-center and upper-right is a blue sky.

More wildflowers on the island of wildflowers.

At the top of the picture we see clear blue sky.  Below is the blue sea, with tall, rocky, black cliffs forming a diagonal line going from the lower-left to the upper-right.  At the bottom of the picture is a slope covered with green plants.

Looking down at the west coast of Rebun.

In the lower-right corner we see some kind of leafy plant. Above it, in the far right, is a tree without leaves. Just to the left of the leafless tree is a pine tree rising up. In the upper-left, we see a clear blue sky with some clouds. Below that, there is some kind of bushy plant.

Near the western coast of the island.

At the saddle of two brown-grey hills, in the lower-left corner we see a little waterfall in the crack between the hills.

While descending the steep slope to the rocky beach, I saw this waterfall.

In the upper left there are tall brown cliffs, and in the upper right there is a clear blue sky.  We see a rocky beach on the left, and the ocean by the beach is a dark blue, while over to the right it reflects the blue of the sky.  In the center we see some pointy rocks coming out of the water.

On the rocky beach heading towards Uennai

In the upper left we see a green hill with a gash of a brown cliff in is.  Above is clear blue sky.  Below the cliff is a thin line of a fishing village in the distance.  In the lower left we see the rocky beach form a upper-left to lower-right diagonal with the water, which has a few rocks and reflects the blueness of the sky.

The small fishing village of Uennai does not have a road – access is by foot and by boat only.

There is a clear blue sky above.  On the right is a green slope in the shade.  In the center left, we see a few hills in the sun in the distance.  Right at the bottom of the nearest hills is a small house.  Coming towards the viewer in the bottom half of the photo is a slope coming down towards us - mostly green with some white flowers.

This is right behind the village of Uennai

We see the profile of a purple flower with three petals drooping down.  The center of the flower has white streaks, and at the base we is a bit of yellow.  The background is green plants, with a bit of white sky in the upper right corner.

Another wildflower on the island of wildflowers

In the upper left we see a bit of blue sky and the deep blue sea, and in the upper right we see clouds coming in.  The lower part of the picture shows the convergence of two green slopes dotted with colorful wildflowers.

This is a slope on the popular trail around Momoiwa.

At the top of the picture is blue sky.  Below we see distant green hills closely covered by a layer of white clouds.  In a upperleft to lower-right diagonal comes a sliver of deep blue sea, blocked the the green hill closest to the viewer in the lower left.  At the bottom of the picture is a close-up of grass in the shade.

Looking down at the coastline around Motochi.

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