National Parks in Hokkaido Photo Week: Akan National Park

I recently traveled around Hokkaido, and wish to share the photos I took in the national parks, complete with alt-text descriptions for the visually impaired. Click on the pictures to see them at full size. Enjoy!


These photos are all from Akan National Park.

We see a crystal blue sky spotted with long white clouds.  In the bottom half of the picture, we see a conicalgreen mountain on the right side, and below the mountain is a big blue lake.

A view of Mt. Oakan (male-Akan) over Lake Akan.

On the upper right and lower left we see branches with green leaves.  In the lower right we see the diagonal (lower left to upper right) of a nearly white lakeshore, with some rocks at the edge of the lake in the center of the photo.  In the upper left we see sky and clouds, and far in the distance wee see a small green hill above the lake.

This is Lake Akan.

We see greenery surrounding a place in the center which looks like it is full of boiling mud.

These are pools of hot spring water and steam coming out at the side of the lake.

We see a wide view with blue sky and clouds above, a green hill to the right, rolling forests below, and brush pine forest near the viewer at the bottom of the photo.

A view while ascending Mt. Meakan (female-Akan).

Wee see a slope on the left side of the picture covered with volcanic rock and brush pine.  Near the viewer at the bottom is a clump of brush pine and rocks.  Far in the distance, in the upper center, we see a patch of a blue lake surrounded by green forest.

A view of Lake Onnetto from above.

In the upper part of the picture we see a sky filling with clouds.  Below that, we can see through the haze Lake Akan and Mt. Oakan, which will soon be overtaken by clouds coming from the right.  Below that, we see a volcanic cone on the right, and a pit full of volcanic gas and steam amid white and reddish-brown rock.  Closest to the viewer is brownish-red crumbly ground.

Far in the distance is Lake Akan and Mt. Oakan about to be smothered in clouds. But there is an ACTIVE VOLCANIC CRATER in between!

At the viewer's feet is reddish brown rock.  Beyond that, in a depression, we see a circular little blue lake.  There is a jet of steam curving above the lake.  Above and beyond the steam, we seen a conical dark-brown mountain rising, with clouds in the background.

Here is the little lake within the Meakan crater, a jet of volcanic gas/steam, and Akan-Fuji.

In a green forest, we see three pink azalea flowers with three azalea leaves around them.

Some azaleas.

In the upper part of the picture we see the far shore with green trees.  Below we see a green-blue lake, with the reflection of the trees and the white sky.  Close to the near shore, there are some trees and branches sticking up out of the water.

And here is Lake Onnetto close up.

In a tank with a blue background, we see white pebbles at the bottom, spherical balls of green algae called marimo in the center, and three small silvery fish above the algae balls.

The famous marimo of Akan lake – I did not want to pay 1900 yen to go see a few marimo bobbling in the lake, so I took this photo at the admission free eco-museum instead.

At the top of the photo we see lots of white fog, and just under it is a wide blue lake, with a little island visible in the distance.  In the foreground to the left is a yellow clump of little flowers sticking up, with the green plant underneath, and on the far bottom right corner we see a pink flower.

This is Lake Mashu, which some people say is the most beautiful lake in Japan. You can see what it looks like on a less foggy day at this blog.

In the far distance we see two hills, with the right one being taller, and a vent of steam coming out from between them.  In the foreground we see two broadleaf trees on either side, and a path on the ground heading towards the hills.  Above is a white sky.

The sulfurous mountain!

There is a white sky above.  Near the top is a dark rocky hill, and below we see yellow mounds of sulfur which are giving off steam going in a diagonal direction - lower right to upper left - within a field of grey rocks.

Smell the sulfur!

On the left the viewer looks down at two legs, with the feet immersed in sand in a puddle of hot water.  On the right we see the edge of the lakeshore.

After all of that running around, I am ready to stick my feet into sand full of hot spring water right next to the second biggest lake in Hokkaido.

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