Buying Dairy Products from the United States Funds Sexual Assault

Content Note: 1) This post contains some graphic details, but if you are not willing to read about how most dairy cows in the USA are treated, you really should not be willing to buy dairy products from the USA 2) Most of the links in this post lead to pieces with specific and/or graphic description of sexual assault.

If someone used physical restraints on a human, then put their left hand into that human’s rectum, and then used their right hand to put a rod into their vulva, used the left hand to grab the cervix from within the rectum, inserted the rod through the cervix, then felt around with the left hand (still in the rectum) to feel the rod’s position in the cervix, and none of this was done with the restrained person’s consent, this would be a very clear case of sexual assault.

Guess what.

About 95% of dairy cows in the United States experience the procedure I just described, called artificial insemination. The cows are restrained because otherwise they might try to escape.

A woman who has had many vaginal and rectal inspections as well as surgery has some comments.

There’s a video and links to more information at Cow Artificial Insemination Procedure.

If you willingly purchase dairy products from the USA, you are probably supporting sexual assault (I focus on the USA because I know less about how dairy cows are treated in other countries – feel free to do your own research).

That said…

Buying vegan food can also support sexual assault.

There are many cases of farm owners and supervisors sexually assaulting fieldworkers.

This is absolutely horrible and should be stopped by eliminating rape culture, increasing the bargaining power of fieldworkers (which includes securing legal status for immigrants so they don’t have to be afraid of deportation), increasing support for victims, and prosecuting the perpetrators.

Nonetheless, sexual abuse of fieldworkers is not part of the business models of these farms, and does not increase their profitability. These farms would make just as much money if they had zero tolerance for sexual abuse.

Sexual assault of dairy cows is part of the business model, and is done to increase profits. To quote a pro-artificial-insemination website, the advantages include “There is no need of maintenance of breeding bull for a herd; hence the cost of maintenance of breeding bull is saved” and “It is helpful to inseminate the animals that are refuse to stands or accept the male at the time of oestrum” (i.e. it’s a way to impregnate cows who do not want sex with bulls). The practice is prevalent because it is profitable.

Food does not come with labels saying ‘This came from a farm where employers/supervisors sexually assault fieldworkers’. Since I cannot grow/collect my own food at the moment, I cannot boycott food from farms which sexually abuse workers.

With regards to boycotting the sexual assault of dairy cows? It’s simple. Don’t buy dairy products. That is labelled.


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4 thoughts on “Buying Dairy Products from the United States Funds Sexual Assault

  1. In contrast to the ‘artificial insemination’ of a cow, the female domesticated ungulate, no reference is made to the castration of male calves. Surely having the rubber ring tightly placed around the young calf’s scrotal sac with the ‘elastrator’ is an act of sexual assault. Unlike the act
    of AI of the female; it’s male counterpart is rendered infertile for the purpose of hastening the fattening process, ending in it’s killing for human consumption.

    In keeping with the human parallel; surely the future of the male calf is deemed a more serious act…ending in murder and human consumption. Not surprisingly, the male calf offers no consent to this process and struggles at every stage of its demise.

    The irony is that the staff that are employed on beef farms are not subjected to those same ‘criminal acts’ incurred on the stock they castrate and murder,

    • Oh, I agree that AI is not the worst of what happens to cattle.

      This post is aimed at people who still willingly buy dairy products. I did not want it to be so long that they wouldn’t read it, which means I could only discuss a tip of the iceberg. I appreciate that you point out that there is much more wrong going on.

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