Wrapping Up the December 2014 Carnival of Aces

Since I posted the Roundup for the December 2014 Carnival of Aces “Touch, Sensuality, and Non-sexual Intimacy”, I received a couple more submissions.

Pegasus wrote about non-sexual BDSM:

It might be ouchy, thuddy, stingy of impact play. The heat from dripping wax, or the cold of an ice cube. Or tickly, scratchy, soft sensation play. The coarseness of hemp rope. It might be feeling scared, safe, trapped, free, in control, vulnerable, powerful, comforted. Or the shared experience with a friend or partner, creating a beautiful play scene together. Being a canvass for another’s creativity.

Mark says “If you hug me, I will stab you with this piece of mango”:

Another time, a friend, J, threatened to tickle me – or poke me. I can’t remember. What I do know, is that a third friend, N, shook her head and said “I wouldn’t do that. Last time I tried to poke Mark, I woke up in the hospital, 2 weeks later, and with no memory.” It was a joke, but J tried to call it a bluff, and seconds later I was across the hallway and completely out of reach.

To Pegasus and Mark and all of the other contributors to this carnival: Thank you!

To all of the readers of this carnival: Thank you!

I am no longer accepting submissions for this Carnival of Aces, but you can still write about touch, sensuality, and nonsexual intimacy just for the heck of it!

And finally, the January 2015 Carnival of Aces “Nonbinary People and Asexuality” is still running! Here is the call for submissions.

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