Six Days in Shikoku: The Second Temple, Gokurakuji


After visiting Temple 1, the natural thing to do was to walk to Temple 2. It only took me about twenty minutes on foot.

The map shows that Gokurakuji is very close to Ryozenji

The first thing I saw at Gokurakuji was this gate.

The photo shows a traditional, two story Japanese gate which is mostly covered with orange paint, with white paint in the upper center

The gate of Gokurakuji

What else is in Gokurakuji?

There is a flat, white area, with a set of rocks assymetrically set around it, and small green plants at the edge.

There’s some kind of traditional Japanese garden.


There’s this shrine.

There are a bunch of mounted Buddha statues, with little green plants growing at the base, and green trees visible in the background

There are these statues.


There’s this group of henro which came off the bus.

The photo shows a tree which is way taller than any of the buildings

There’s this cedar tree which was supposedly planted by Kobo Daishi himself.

We see the trunk of the tree, which has a thich rope tied around it, and a second, slender rope which is a twist of red and white colors.  The base of the tree is covered with green moss.

Praying while touching the tree is supposed to be good for you.


I was concerned that all of the temples would look like carbon copies. Well, they don’t. I liked this temple too, though I didn’t tarry there as long as I did at Ryozenji. My next destination was Temple 3, Konsenji.



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