White Men Tell White Women That They Won’t Find Attractive Taiwanese Men

While I was living in Taiwan, multiple white men told me about the ‘problems’ white women had with dating Taiwanese guys. They never were specific, though they all implied that a white woman like me would have trouble finding an appealing Taiwanese boyfriend. For an online example of this, there is Michael Turton’s website – “The dating situation in Taiwan is excellent for males. Neither sex will lack for attention, although most Western females will not like most Taiwanese males.”

Now in my case, it was true that I didn’t meet any sexually/romantically attractive Taiwanese men. It’s also true that I find Taiwanese men just as attractive as white men. That’s because I am an aromantic asexual. However, as far as I can tell, if I had wanted a boyfriend, Taiwanese men would have done just as well as white men.

But you know who didn’t ‘warn’ me that I wouldn’t find Taiwanese guys attractive? White women in Taiwan.

Some of these white women were dating and/or married to Taiwanese men. And the ones who weren’t made it clear that they would consider dating Taiwanese men if they weren’t already in a monogamous relationship / once they were more settled into Taiwan, etc.

And among the people I’ve talked to (anecdotal sample, I know) it seems the white men in romantic relationships with Taiwanese women had more romantic troubles than the white women in romantic relationships with Taiwanese men.

It seems pretty clear to me that these white men in Taiwan didn’t get the idea that ‘white women can’t find sexually/romantically appealing Taiwanese men’ by talking to white women living in Taiwan (unless they were talking to a completely different set of white women than I was, which I suppose is technically possible). So where do they get this idea?

My guess is that they get this idea from a cocktail of subconscious sexism and subconscious racism. This sexist/racist cocktail claims that white men are the most attractive kind of men, and that white women, being the highest-status kind of woman, wouldn’t want to be with the lesser Asian men.

One white man said that it was a generational thing, and that while younger generations of Taiwanese men may be OK for white women, it wouldn’t work with older generations of men. I have met a number of old Taiwanese men, and while I made no attempt to engage with them in a romantic manner … well, let’s just say that that I am skeptical of this thesis. Sure, Taiwanese attitudes about male-female relationships have changed over the decades, but that’s also true of practically every society with a large number of white people.

Of course, in Chinese-language media (Taiwanese or not), white women (who tend to be European princesses) totally love Chinese/Taiwanese men, far more than they like any white men. Go figure.

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