Carnival of Aros December 2019 Call for Submission: Love

The Carnival of Aros is an aromantic / aro-spectrum blogging festival. This is my first time hosting the carnival, and I chose the theme “Love”.

Submissions do not need to be in response to any particular prompt, but here are some prompts for people who want a little inspiration:

– you may react to the misconception that ‘aromantic people cannot feel love’
– you may comment on the conflation of romance with love from an aro perspective
– how does you position under the aro umbrella (quoiromantic/greyromantic/aromantic/etc.) affect the way you experience love?
– are there any specifically ‘aro’ forms of love?
– does your position under the aro umbrella affect the way you react to generalized comments about love, such as ‘the world needs more love’ even when those comments are not specifically pointing to romance?

If you do not have your own platform, or if you wish to be anonymous, I can accept guest posts and host them on this blog. You may send submissions by commenting on this post or sending them to (this email address has been deactivated because the December 2019 carnival is over). If you comment or send me an email, and I do not respond within three days, assume that I did not receive the comment/email and try again.

I will post the roundup post on January 2, 2020. I will accept submissions until January 7, and retroactively add them to the roundup post.

I look forward to your submissions!

UPDATE: The round-up is here!

28 thoughts on “Carnival of Aros December 2019 Call for Submission: Love

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  6. I wrote two things? Part 1 is personal narrative essay about experiences with aplatonic stuff and is more tangentially related to the prompt but was wanting to write it anyways and if nothing else adds context to perspective, and Part 2 is a poem that more directly replies to the prompt.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    • Thanks! Both Part 1 and Part 2 are welcome. Submissions don’t need to be directly related to the prompts, the prompts are only there for people who want a little more inspiration than just the words ‘aro’ and ‘love’.

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