Guest Post: “Obsessed With Love:” by Chara C.

This poem by Chara C. is a submission to the December 2019 Carnival of Aros with the theme ‘Love’.

“Obsessed With Love:” by Chara C.

The story of true love
Has been told time and time again
The kiss, the kids, the happily ever after
The not understanding why they can’t be “just” friends

What’s the worth in forcing something that isn’t there?
I don’t mind romance, when it’s done right
But how is it that all childhood friends end up together?
Must all pen pals develop crushes through letters?
Why does everyone’s dreams of the future involve romantic love?

My confusion isn’t even from inexperience
I’ve got plenty of romantic love in my life
But how come everyone seems to love love?
What am I missing? Who carved my world with their knife?

I like love
I don’t love love
I don’t love the way “love” means “romantic love”
And if the tears of frustration build in my eyes
Don’t try to help me, to make me love-wise
I just don’t understand, and I likely never will
Why love is said to make the world turn still

Love is nice
Love is not
Love is cold and it’s hot
But even with my own experience
I know love just… Isn’t that glorious
Call me a faker, call me a fraud
But I think you’re all mistaking romance for god

Stories don’t need romance to fill me with wonder
And I really don’t care if people don’t end up together
It escapes my grasp, why love’s a strong word
Let forced love be struck down like a weak mockingbird
Let your obsession with love melt away and be blurred
And let it leave me be; romance is simply absurd

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: “Obsessed With Love:” by Chara C.

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