Some Quick Comments on Aro Reading for Aro-Spectrum Awareness Week

This is Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week!

For the purpose of promoting awareness, I’m going to throw out a few reading suggestions. This isn’t a carefully considered list; it’s me casually throwing around ideas in celebration of the week:

1. About a year ago I read Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman, which features an aro-ace protagonist. I’ve already forgotten the details of the book, but I really liking it much more than I expected. I can recommend it to people who want a novel with an aro-ace protagonist.

2. Read some essays by aro-spec people about being aro. I plan to read interviews featured at AUREA right now in a couple days.

3. Read something from a very different culture and/or time period about romance, fiction or nonfiction. Even though I already intellectually understand that interpretation of romance is to a large extent culturally-constructed, actually seeing how it is differently constructed reminds me of this at a deeper level. And understanding, on a deeper level, how much understanding of romance is dependent on culture reminds me not to take our cultural ideals of romance too seriously. On the other hand, I also sometimes find that the understanding of romance in a very different culture/time period can also be very similar to how our current culture understands romance, which might lead me to think that trying to change our culture may be futile, so no guarantees! One suggestion to this effect: “Symposium” by Plato (the original source of the concept of ‘Platonic love’) (And I want to make it clear that I personally disagree with a lot of the ideas in “Symposium”)

I could try to come up with some more quick suggestions, but instead I think I’ll get started on reading some of those interviews posted at AUREA.

Have a happy Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week!

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