Why I Don’t Do Crossposts with This Blog

During my years as a blogger, I’ve written posts for other blogs in addition to this blog, yet I’ve never, ever cross-posted. Sometimes, cross-posting is not an option – for example, my agreement with Hacking Chinese was that anything I wrote which was published there would not be published elsewhere unless the Hacking Chinese website permanently shut down or became paywalled.

But even if I had the option of crossposting my contributions to Hacking Chinese to this blog, I wouldn’t do it (unless it was the only way to make those posts available on the internet).

Most of the contributors to the The Asexual Agenda (TAA) who also have independent blogs crosspost most (or all) of their contributions to TAA to their personal blogs as well. I’m the glaring exception.


Since the only consistent theme of this blog is ‘whatever takes my fancy’ it may seem like that this blog doesn’t have any consistent theme or topic at all. If you look through the archives of this blog, you will find some very random topics juxtaposed with each other. There are some topics which come up again and again, but there are also topics which come out of the blue.

It may seem like there is no purpose behind this – in fact, I want it to seem like there is no purpose behind it, or at least not make the purpose obvious. However, I’m not exactly hiding the purpose either, since I strongly hint at it in the title of this blog “the notes which do not fit”.

This blog is for ‘notes’ which I wish to share with the internet, yet do not fit somewhere else. When I write a ‘note’ which fits elsewhere – such as The Asexual Agenda – it is by default a note which ‘fits’ and not a note which ‘does not fit’. Therefore, crossposting between this blog and any other blog feels contradictory to me.

Not crossposting ultimately leads to the result that fewer people read my writing. That is unfortunate. At one time I intended to be diligent about crosslinking to make it easier for readers to find my work on other blogs, but later decided against it. However, if my goal were to maximize readership, there are a lot of things I would differently with this blog. In fact, to maximize readership, I would have to make so many changes that I would be changing the essential nature of this blog. I am happy to have the readers that I have, but I do not want to compromise my vision for this blog just to get more readers.

Also, I am definitely aware that crossposting would make it easier to honor my weekly blogging deadline.

If the core theme of this blog were even slightly different – if this blog were ‘Sara’s Ramblings’ – then I probably would crosspost all of my contributions to the TAA to this blog. However, this is NOT ‘Sara’s Ramblings’ it is ‘the notes which do not fit’. The difference is subtle, and maybe I’m the only one who understands the difference. Yet, since I understand the difference, I act accordingly.

I admit there are times when, to keep up with my weekly blog schedule, I decide to post something which would be appropriate for TAA to this blog instead, even though it is technically a ‘note’ which ‘fits’. I also decided to host the November 2018 Carnival of Aces here rather than at TAA just to make it clear that I was responsible, not other TAA contributors. And aro-centric (as opposed to ace-centric) posts still appear here rather than TAA because I simply don’t want my aro-centric posts to appear on TAA.

So, if anyone out there ever wondered why I don’t do crossposts, you now have an answer.

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