2 thoughts on “Did San Francisco’s Weirdest Wild Duck Flirt with Me?

  1. I’m curious, why Medium? Maybe it’s not my business. I’m just a grateful reader.

    Actually, I’m not that curious, but I’ll confess that I am reluctant to read you on Medium. Not sure why, probably because there’s a paywall, user tracking, it’s a kind of social network… Also it feels more impersonal.

    So I’m only curious to know, why Medium, because maybe you have a great reason to do so that would make me not reluctant to read you on Medium. My preferences don’t really matter, obviously, so I’m sorry to ask this, and sorry to be negative, but I thought I’d let you know my reaction.

    I’d do it privately, but I don’t know how to write privately. Feel free to delete this comment, of course, and I understand if you don’t care to answer.

    I did end up reading the Medium post, and enjoyed it and the duck photos, so thanks!

    • In short, Medium is an experiment. I want to see what it’s like to submit to publications on Medium (and per the philosophy of this blog, something which ‘fits’ into an outside publication isn’t a ‘note which doesn’t fit’). Maybe I’ll reach some new readers.

      I’ll always post links to slip past the paywall on this blog.

      This blog is going to stay on WordPress as long as WordPress is functional. I might convert it to a self-hosted WordPress blog if that ever makes sense for me, but that’s about it.

      I understand the concerns about user tracking. Personally, I’m more comfortable with user tracking on Medium than on Facebook since Medium is member-funded (i.e. they have a monetary incentive not to abuse member information) whereas Facebook and many other social media sites are advertiser funded (i.e. there is a conflict of interest between the people who pay Facebook and the people who put personal information on Face book).

      I’m glad you enjoyed the ducks post 🙂

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