2 thoughts on “To Diminish Defensiveness, Read 1000+ Book Reviews

  1. Hey, thanks for the link and sharing this. Fortunately, I can be friends with people who aren’t into books I like or whose book faves I don’t understand. (Recently about The Wandering Inn series. It’s too sprawling and tonally of-kilter for my tastes, even if it has some really fascinating ideas. One of my besties listens to the live stream of the audio book being recorded on most days.) *shrug. At least we can agree that books and fanfic are wonderful things and that reading is the better thing to do in most cases.

    • I think almost everyone needs to be friends with people who don’t share the same book favorites (because how common is it for two people to have the exact same taste in books?) However, not having enough favorites in common make having a friendship (based on books, that is) more challenging.

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