11th Anniversary Post

Years before I started this blog, I fantasized about blogging.

I read various blogs voraciously starting in 2008. (Though my choice of blogs changes over time, I still read a ton, it wouldn’t surprise me if I spent on average over an hour a day reading blogs over the past decade).

How could I not imagine becoming a blogger?

In my daydreams, I could be as successful as I wanted. Oddly, my daydreams didn’t involve me making money as a blogger. They didn’t even involve me becoming famous, exactly. No, I daydreamed about writing mindblowing blog posts. Sure, I fantasized about receiving praise, but the focus of my fantasy was not the reactions of others, but the quality of the posts themselves.

In late 2011 and the first days of 2012, I thought a lot about becoming a blogger. So, I took the plunge.

My blog… isn’t as breathtaking as the blog of my daydreams. Not even after over a decade of experience blogging. Perhaps I could become that mind-blowing blogger if I put more effort or time into improving my blogging, or if I pursued a better strategy, or something… but I suspect my fantasy was never a realistic goal.

It’s much easier to daydream about blogging than to blog.

However, because I blog, I know what kind of blogger I am. The evidence is here. My writing may not shatter the mind, but it’s not nothing either.

Had I not taken the plunge and let blogging remain a daydream… I can’t imagine where I’d be today. Blogging has shaped my thinking so much over the past decade I don’t know how my mental landscape would’ve evolved without blogging.

I suspect, however, that if I hadn’t tried my hand at blogging, the daydream of blogging would still nag me, “if only I had the time, the blog posts I’d write would be so wonderful…”

Yet, this blog is better than the blog of my daydreams—because of you.

My idea of who would read my blog in my daydreams was hazy. You, the people who read this blog, are real, and far superior to my vague notion of readers in my daydreams.

Better to have a flawed yet real blog which reaches people than a perfect daydream blog which never connects to another person. Better by far.

I’m so glad I turned into a real blogger. And I thank you for reading.

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