National Parks in Hokkaido Week: Shiretoko National Park

I recently traveled around Hokkaido, and wish to share the photos I took in the national parks, complete with alt-text descriptions for the visually impaired. Click on the pictures to see them at full size. Enjoy!


This is in Shiretoko National Park, which is also a World Heritage Site.

At the top we see blue sky.  In the top right we see blue sea, and in the top left we see a cliff with forest at the top descending diagonally into the ocean in a twisty way.  There is a river mouth and a little beach just below the cliff.  In the foreground are some trees running diagonally from upper left to lower right in the lower left of the picture.

The mouth of the Iwaobetsu river.

In the top we see a clear blue sky.  Below that is a green mountain with a blanket of white clouds smothering it.  Below we see forest, and at the bottom of the picture a river is coming in a upper left to lower right diagonal towards the viewer.

Here is the Iwaobetsu river with Mt. Mitsumine in the background.

In this panorama shot, on the left we see some trees right above a cliff which is plunging into the blue sea.  Then we see a exposed rocky cliff further away also descending sharply into the blue sea.  There is a small, narrow little bay below it.  At the most inward part of the bay, we see a waterfall in the shadows, coming down a grassy cliff like a drooping tongue.

Can you find the waterfall in this picture?

Above, we see a clear blue sky with a single cloud.  In the lower half, we see a flat coastal area in the distance (with magnification we can see a few lakes), and then there is green mountain descending straight ahead towards the coast, with a line of snow going forward in a crack in the mountain.

A snow field descends in the direction of the Shiretoko Five Lakes.

In the upper left we see clear blue sky, and in the upper right we see a column of clouds coming up.  In the left center we see a triple emerald peak, with some snowfields on the right side.  In the foreground on the left is a pile of grey rocks.

Clouds come up over Mt. Mitsumine, as seen from the top of Mt. Rausu.

We see a clear blue sky with two clouds, with one cloud coming up from behind one of the Mitsumine peaks at the same angle as the mountain slope itself.  The peak itself is gree, with a field of brush pine in the foreground at the bottom of the picture.

Another view of Mt. Mitsumine

We see a clear blue sky above.  On the upper left, we see the Shiretoko mountains, green, with clouds blanketing the top.  In the foreground on the upper right, we see a tree, and in the lower part of the picture we see a black pond with green plants growing on top, all surrounded by bear bamboo.

Near the Shiretoko five lakes (no, this is not one of the lakes).

We see a clear blue sky with wisps of clouds coming up like smoke.  In the lower part of the picture, see what looks like an amazingly large flatish pile of grey rocks, which is in fact a mountain peak.

Mt. Rausu, the highest point on the Shiretoko peninsula.

At the top is a clear blue sky, but just below there is a layer of white clouds right above a set of green mountains extending in a line into the distance straight ahead, we a little green plain at the bottom, and a few grey rocks in the foreground.

The Shiretoko mountain range, as see from the top of Mt. Rausu, the highest point on the peninsula.

At the top we see clear blue sky, and then we see a horizontal line of green mountains blanketed by white clouds.  We see a line of forest.  In the bottom half of the picture is a rectangular looking lake which acts as a mirror, reflecting the mountains, clouds, and sky above.

The first of the Shiretoko Five Lakes.

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