My New Email Newsletter About Binge-Reading Reviews


Every week, I read all the reviews of a book on Amazon and analyze them. I expected to only do it for about a dozen books. By down, I’ve done this for dozens of books. I’m addicted.

To my shock, other people are interested in what I say in my analysis. So far, I’ve been sharing these analyses only in a limited way. Maybe more people are interested?

This is a great excuse to start a newsletter. Anyone with an email address who is interested can now get my digests by subscribing here.

If nobody is interested, I’ll still get practice running an email newsletter. These review binges intrigue me so much I’ll keep doing them even if nobody reads the digests.

Since this email newsletter is brand new, I still have some issues to work through. Also, because it doesn’t have a consistent track record yet, confirmation messages are likely to end up in the spam folder. If you sign up and don’t see a confirmation in your inbox, check spam.