Who would have thought that this blog would last four years…

This is the four year anniversary of this blog, and throughout these four years, there has been a new blog post every single Friday.

This is also the 302nd post published on the blog. I was trying to time posts so that this would be the 4-year anniversary *and* the 300th blog post, but then I felt I had to write and publish “An Asexual Perspective on the play IN LOVE AND WARCRAFT” in a hurry. I could have forced it so that this would end up being post #300 anyway, but I decided it was better to let the blog continue its natural course rather than try to artificially align the 4-year anniversary and 300-posts-published anniversary.

In honor of the 4-year anniversary, I am making two lists of highlights.

First, based on a combination of site views, search terms, and comments, these are the most popular posts published on this blog (in the order they were published):

Non-sexual Nudity
Female Characters – Without the Romance
Can we reserve ‘sleep with’ for when we literally mean ‘sleep with’?
Why Identify as Panaesthetic?
My Experience as a Teenage Ace
The Pirates at the Top of the Escalator
Why Are Sex-Indifferent Aces Assumed to Be Open to Sex?
December 2014 Carnival of Aces Roundup

Though none of my wuxia posts are individually as popular as any of the above (“Yang Guo As an Asexual and Disabled Character” is a few spots below “My Experience as a Teenage Ace” on the list of posts with all-time highest site views), overall, I am surprised by their popularity. Most of my wuxia posts are in the top fourth of all posts in terms of popularity. I would have expected them to be in the bottom fourth. A significant portion of the search terms used to find this blog are wuxia-related, so that is apparently driving the traffic to those posts.

There are posts which are significant to me yet not particularly popular, so I am making my own list of highlights from the first two years of this blog (excluding the posts which already appear on the popularity list). Why just the first two years of this blog and not all years? I don’t want to overwhelm the readers or myself with a list of highlights from all years in a single post. I do intend at some point in the future to compile highlights lists for 2014 and 2015. Feel free to suggest posts which should be added to this list (2012/2013) or to a future list for 2014/2015.

Sara K.’s Choice: The First Two Years of the notes which do not fit:


My Asexuality and My Mother – This is one of my earliest posts because it is something which matters to me, and that it why I keep on linking to it more than any other post I wrote during the first year.

A Persistent Fantasy of an Ephemeral Evening – I simply like this post.

Memories of a Special Education – I use my own memories to see how society has shaped my own attitudes about disability.

This is Difficult for Me to Say – This post about sexual harassment was difficult to write, and I think it is one of the most important things I said during the first year of this blog.

No Such Thing as a ‘Guilty’ Pleasure – During my first year, I wrote a lot of short, reflective pieces, and I think this is one of the best of its type of post.

Asexual Themes in Shēn Diāo Xiá Lǚ – This was the fist major, ambitious series of posts I wrote for this blog. It was the first time – at least for this blog – I felt the urge to write out a string of ideas which would not fit in 500 words, and I felt I had to write them out in a relatively short time frame rather than stretch it out over weeks. Also, it was the first time I ever submitted something to the Carnival of Aces.


As an Asexual, I Find the Idea of Grey(a)sexuality Useful – I think this is one of the best things I have had to say about asexuality in this blog.

Clearing Up Doubts by Reading about Others’ Experiences – This post really gets to what compelled me, after spending years wondering whether I should start a blog, to actually go ahead and start a blog. It also came close to getting a place on the ‘most popular posts’ list.

We Need the Power of Irrationality – I think this post gets at a deeper issue than most of what I write in this blog. I do not think I got the best grasp of the idea, but at least I tried.

Is Taiwan a Great Place to Be an Ace-Spectrum Expat? (My Answer: No) – This is a blog where I discuss some issues which affected me for much of the first two years of this blog.

Monks, Nuns, and *ahem* Celibacy in Wuxia – During the first two years of this blog, I was both reading a lot of wuxia, and reading a lot about asexuality and aromanticism, and this is a series of posts where I made a bridge between those two different sets of ideas.

The Coo of the Pearl-Necked Dove – I wrote this post at a time when my life was going through some major flux, and it shows. I also like the way re-reading this post evokes my memories of my apartment in Taoyuan City.

The Beidawushan Series – This is a series where I tried something new for this blog – travel blogging with lots of photos as I tried to find the deeper meaning in the journey (okay, it wasn’t completely unprecedented). I think this series captures not just what the hike up Beidawushan meant to me, but what all my adventures in Taiwan meant to me.

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